As if it is not quite obvious by now, R Truth’s baby is the 24/7 Championship.


It can be defended at any time and any place and you can be sure that the current holder will do everything to hold onto it. Some of its segments are wild and they all include R Truth spewing some magnificent one-liners. Now, Reggie is the current ATK Galleria discount champion. Given his background in Le Solei, it is doubtful he would get caught since he is pretty quick. He’s been the reigning champion for so long ever since he quit being a lackey for Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Before that, he was Carmela’s wine servant. Add that to the fact that this title has been regarded as a joke and you can’t blame them for doing so because it’s been a joy to see them do what they plan on doing each day.

It is really fun to see these people come after each other and think that it is some kind of chase.

It composes most of the people who don’t have anything going for them on TV. Even if Team Skeet has held the title almost a hundred times, he can’t be regarded as one of the best wrestlers of all time since the title does not mean as much as the Universal or World title.

Akira Tozawa and Drake Maverick are often included in the chase for the 24/7 title.

It would be hard to count right now how many times R Truth has held the belt because it has been a whole lot. You know he’s always been after it because he always calls it his baby. He would still chase it after he loses it. An enormous amount of characters have already held the title and some of them are not even wrestlers. You have to talk about Mayor Glen Jacobs, Bad Bunny, and even Alundra Blayze as people who have held the title even for just a few minutes. Of course, those things were done in the name of entertainment. You can go after the title yourself but these are trained professionals so all we can do is sit back and enjoy the show as it happens right in front of you. These days, the title is being defended in regular matches then after it, a whole lot of people can go.


You can’t trust anybody when you are the titleholder.

It is like you should always have eyes on the back of your head. As long as that happens, you should know that being a Kinky Discount champion has its lone and bright spots. R Truth has been in this business for a pretty long time and he is pretty good at making people laugh. You know he is at his best when he is on the mic and not rapping through stuff that he does not know about. He’s been known as pretty friendly backstage so he can get along well.